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The experience of seeing and hearing a live performance often makes the entertainment seen on a screen pale in comparison. Although watching sporting, theater, or musical performances in the comfort of your home is often convenient, it's difficult to match the adventure of seeing a live show go on before your eyes. Whether you want to see a sporting event such as football or baseball, a popular play, or a concert, seeing the affair live and in real time promises to be a memorable occasion. Although buying tickets for the excursion will be necessary, there are ways to save money if you know where to make your purchase.

It is not necessary to travel to New York or London to see the biggest live theater performances and musicals. If you do visit New York, however, no trip would be complete without an evening in the Theater District. Many popular musicals and shows can also be found beyond Broadway, traveling to other smaller venues around the country. Local theater groups often present renditions of these popular shows, too, and colleges with student theater groups also perform shows that theatergoers want to see.

Sporting events are also popular with people of all ages. Football, baseball, basketball, and hockey games go on throughout the year at the professional, semi-professional, and amateur levels. Buying tickets directly from a venue, either in advance of an event or at the door, can be an expensive proposition. Tickets for professional sporting events can be especially pricey. But instead of making these direct purchases, some consumers have discovered that they can save money by buying tickets from e-commerce websites that sell them at deep discounts. Either way, the performance they see is sure to be of the same high quality they'd expect, no matter how much the ticket cost.

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